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Its melancholy points to sad events yet to come, while highlighting writer Russell Lewis’ taste for allusions to scenes and characters familiar to fans of ’s three series, although, as it turns out, none of them actually concludes with a death.Morse returns to his alma mater, Lonsdale College, for an evening concert, and runs into his former tutor, Dr Felix Lorimer (the excellent Mark Heap).Morse is reluctant, but is shamed into acquiescence by Lorimer’s wounding comments on his student’s own infatuation with Susan, the ‘brown-eyed blonde’ who still haunts our Endeavour’s inner life.Nina Lorimer (Samantha Colley) is dating bingo caller Paul Marlock (Robbie Carpenter) and, when confronted by Morse, has a very different view of her husband’s suspicions.To claim your listing, just provide y",24: Rw2np Jo Yz AHFVSLM5J7b Yd Z9 BTp Y0 1lbsv XIw Wp Jwm23DZs V: Rj AHFc Y5JWrc TGpn C1s V,04f9ea0cd714c79e4c80491137187cea2015-04-18TZ, Cysylltwch Argraffu'r dudalen [email protected] Chwiliad a CCGC Chwiliad ,96:csf ZVEKr E0n 8i6Rw G9zce/o5Sf Z 9F96D3HJ6Z/3/a:cc ZVEKr J 8i Mx Eb9qp,0ba9095eff0cd8b2df733890e915abd72015-02-08TZ,

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