Who is angela dating in twilight

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In her leisure time, Angela enjoys painting, writing, movies, playing pool and going bowling with her friends.

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He was born in 1901 in Chicago and was the first of his vampire family to be turned by Carlisle when he was dying from Spanish influenza.

He has the power to read minds, which is unique in his family. He is the most humane of the vampires and the oldest.

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Angela is just a regular girl with regular interests and has experienced her fair share of dating offers from guys throughout the years in school/college and the workplace.

When I, despite my better judgement, shared that stat with my Mom, she was shocked. Not to say I ever considered my name unique, but I didn't think it was nearly as ubiquitous as Jennifer.

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And, among them, her subsequent soulmate, Edward Cullen.

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In Christopher Paolini's "Inheritance Trilogy", Angela is a witch who can tell a person's future by reading the knuckle bones of a dragon.

What better perspective for a guy to learn the psychology of the complicated female gender than through a female?

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