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She is a Fellow of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health and has extensive education in sexual counseling. Kusturiss has published on the topics of of contraception, female sexual dysfunction, and vulvar dermatoses.She lectures at Drexel University College of Medicine and University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.

Elizabeth Kusturiss, MSN, CRNP, is a Nurse Practitioner in Female Sexual Medicine at the Center for Pelvic Medicine.

I offer additional expertise in bi-cultural/racial issues, chronic illness, co-parenting, LGBT community, interfaith marriage and sibling rivalry.""I believe therapy is a collaborative process between therapist and client; the client determines desired goals and the therapist helps the client to reach those goals.

I pride myself on being an empathetic client-centered therapist.

The Center for Pelvic Medicine is a national leader in treating female pelvic health problems.

The Center for Pelvic Medicine is now participating with traditional medicare plans.

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