Tim and eric online dating service Chatavanue moved

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Eric Jacobsen: I thought it sounded a little bizarre, but very intriguing.

Guest appearances: Bob Odenkirk as Cinco spokesman and John C. Cinco Family/Corporation: Cinco Insurance advertises their "Balls Insurance" plan. Steve Brule celebrates 10 years in broadcasting, so Jan and Wayne Skylar prank on him. Tim and Eric write a jingle for Rolos and try to pitch it. Tim turns himself into a cat using magic, but can't turn back into a human.

I believe that “dating” in America is effectively broken, or at least in a painful stage of some sort of radical transformation, and am interested in anything that tries to creatively break down and analyze it.

How much of the final vision of the site was articulated and how did it evolve?

Tim’s Dad (Richard Dunn) sends Eric a gift basket wishing him luck on the new show. Steve Brule reports on fruits and vegetables, but he is not ready.

The Uncle Muscles Hour: Casey and his Brother perform "Time Travel".

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