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This same year, the company's owner, Edward Drummond Libbey, hired Michael J. Within a short time Owens had become a plant manager for Libbey in Findlay, Ohio.

The company grew quickly, acquiring the Illinois Glass Company in 1929.

The company was so successful that within three years the partners needed room to expand.

They considered moving across the Mississippi to St.

Deciphering the symbol is often a matter of comparing it to known examples on collector websites or in glass-collecting publications. Manufactured glass jars that feature an embossed maker's symbol often also have a date and location code stamped nearby.

As with the Owens-Illinois Glass Company symbols, a numeral to the right of the diamond symbol indicates a year of manufacture; for instance, a 1 indicates 1941, while the joined O and I symbol, which is newer, uses two numerals as a date code: , for instance.

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