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One time, she got asked to drive a band to pick up their Chipotle order (because no-one wanted to play bitch to a band). She’s always posting things on her Myspace about him. Here’s her Myspace: Tweet This girl is Natalie Evans. She has a new band obsession bi-weekly, all-inclusive of morbidly worshipping them, stalking their tweets, taking obsessive fan girl pictures sporting their merchandise, and spamming them for just one tweet of their attention. Tweet This girl added me on Myspace a long time ago and apparently she’s friends with Dahvie Vanity. ” No, you were just the only one in the crowd Scene’s dead hun, Let it go please, it was never a good look anyway.Andy: It’s not her fault, but there’s nobody stepping up to do it. [laughs]Ok, so let’s talk about that – you were on The Voice. Every day we wake up at am and we bust our asses because, shit man, you’re reaching so many people when you’re on this tour! She went on a tour with an artist she had toured with in the past, and the tour was very poorly promoted. People are weird, there are freaks and there are dorks and there are losers and that’s fucking awesome. It’s about you being confident about yourself and saying “fuck you” to the world and that this is who I am and I’m going to represent myself. POZ: That sounds a lot like what Black Veil Brides have been singing about for a few years. You have these punk rock bands that crossed that line way back then.

Anything you like, she immediately likes, and knows more about than you. She’ll tweet about her plans to get that “original ink” tattooed on her. Sure you stole that from someone back in the day, too miss “Punky” Jude. You know, that obsessive girl who will give a free ride 20 miles away just for some Chipotle? Natalie or how she prefers to be called, “Ali” Evans, is a band promoter (groupie more like it) and she hosts a TV show or so she claims.Connections Merjos dated Trace Cyrus, lead singer of Metro Station, from 2005 - 2008. He wrote the song "Dear Hannah" about her after allegations of her cheating. They visited artist Shaun Kama in November 2013, right before Andy departed for a European tour with his band Black Veil Brides.Juliet Simms’ skull tattoo on her left middle finger knuckle was first done at Shamrock Social Club in September 2012 (bottom right) with three bent teeth.

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