Command qsave updating indexes for block model space

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If a collection has indexes, Mongo DB must update all index entries.

Thus, for a collection with many indexes, the move will impact the write throughput.

You can view your variables across multiple processes or threads in a single Total View variable window, making it easier than ever to display your multiprocess or multithreaded variables.

You can now: The new group single-step commands supply the same functionality previously available only for single threads or full process debugging.

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These move operations can be expensive but occur infrequently.

In general, the performance gains that indexes provide for are worth the insertion penalty.

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Everything is working well untill I press ctrl s to save or save it in anyother way than I get message: Command: Command: _qsave Updating Indexes for block *Model_Space Done. The Boolean operation on solid and/or surface bodies failed.

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Group single-step commands let you synchronize a group of related processes and run them together to a breakpoint.

You can step the group one line at a time, run to or over a function, and run to a selected line of source or machine instruction.

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