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n Controlled Toll Restriction Replaces: none====================================================================display system-parameters features Page 5 of 19 FEATURE-RELATED SYSTEM PARAMETERSSYSTEM PRINTER PARAMETERS Endpoint: Lines Per Page: 60SYSTEM-WIDE PARAMETERS Switch Name: Emergency Extension Forwarding (min): 10 Enable Inter-Gateway Alternate Routing?

n Controlled Outward Restriction Intercept Treatment: tone Controlled Termination Restriction (Do Not Disturb): tone Controlled Station to Station Restriction: tone AUTHORIZATION CODE PARAMETERS Authorization Codes Enabled?

There are a number of commands in Solaris that you can use to obtain information from and about the NIS database.

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/var/yp/ypservers nismaster slave1 slave2 slave3 slave4 slave5 slave6 slave7 All of these hostname can be pinged from the nismaster and they are all in the hosts nismaps and /etc/hosts on the nismaster.

Network Information Service (NIS) is used for keeping a centralized repository of users, hostnames and other useful information in a computer network.

In single server UNIX environments, the list of users and groups is usually kept in a file such as /etc/passwd.

You do not have to be the superuser to use these commands.

The most commonly used NIS commands are: ypcat, ypmatch, ypwhich.

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